The Student Union Senate is responsible for the recognition and chartering of clubs, the maintenance of the Union Bylaws, and a variety of other more specific initiatives. The Senate regularly meets once a week to discuss a variety of motions and items on its weekly agenda, which is published two days prior to each meeting.

The Senate is made up of over twenty representatives from the Brandeis community. Every residential quad elects one Senate representative, and every class year elects two. There are also representatives from the following communities. One Senator is elected by the off-campus community. One Senator is elected by students that have declared themselves as members of a racial minority group to the registrar. Two Senators are elected by the entire student body at-large. Finally, one Senator is elected by the incoming midyear class.

Elections for the Senate occur throughout the year. Quad Senators, the Off-Campus Senator, and Class Senators from the incoming first-year class are elected in the fall when classes resume. In the winter, regular elections are held for Midyear Senator, and special elections are held for any seats vacant at the start of the semester. Finally, the remaining Class Senator, Racial Minority Senator, and Senator-at-Large seats are elected at the end of the Spring semester for terms served the following year. For more information on how to run for Senate, check out our elections page.

To see who is serving on your Senate this year, see our Senate members page.

The majority of the Senate's work is done through the Senate's seven committees, listed below.

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