Romper Room

The Romper Room (also known as the Club Resource Room) is a resource for club leaders. Up to two members of each club can apply for access to the Romper Room. Typically, one of these members is a treasurer, and the other is a president or a member that needs access to Romper Room services. Inside the Romper Room, there are trays where club treasurers may leave completed financial forms and pick up any forms that are returned for revisions. Clubs can also print club materials using the printers provided in the room. Please be courteous and remember that printing non-club materials may result in Romper Room priveleges being revoked.

Need access to the Romper Room? Contact the Union Secretary. Keep in mind that submissions can take a few days to process.

Having trouble with the Romper Room? Talk to someone in the Union office next door or email the Union Secretary.