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CEEF applications are now out!

Posted by Jacob Edelman ( on Friday, December 09, 2016 at 06:52 PM

What is CEEF? CEEF (Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund) serves two purposes. First, it serves as a source of emergency funding for student life on campus. Secondly, CEEF provides funding for student-led initiatives that enhance the Brandeis community. These initiatives must have a campus wide benefit and long term impact on our campus and our community. CEEF has four board members representing different branches of your Student Union. The CEEFs members for this academic year are: Representing the Executive Board: Wil Jones ‘18, Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees. Majors: AAAS, POL Representing the Union Senate: Kate Kesselman ‘19, Class of 2019 Senator. Majors: BUS, THA Minor: FILM Representing the Allocations Board: Alexander Mitchell ‘17, Allocations Board Member. Majors: NEUR, BIOL, BPHY Minors: ECON, MATH Representing the Union Senate: Tal Richtman ‘20, Class of 2020 Senator. Majors: ECON, POL Requirements for the fund usage: 1. The enhancement has to have campus wide benefit 2. The enhancement must be long term effect on the campus and/or the student body 3. The project should be connected to a staff or faculty member 4. The submission must include the online application and excel sheet of budget needs 5. The project proposal must be submitted on time by January 20th 6. As part of the process, students maybe invited to present their proposals to the CEEF board 7. A couple weeks after submission, CEEF will contact accepted proposals 8. Application will not be complete without a spreadsheet explaining the financial details of your request Important Dates: The due date of application is Jan 20th Documents: CEEF application link (Please fill this out as CEEF application process): Please send an Excel sheet to the CEEF email at This excel sheet should contain the financial details of your request. Include the name, quantity, price and online shopping link (if possible) for all items. This Excel Sheet should be as detailed as possible with clear itemization and links.

Senate Meeting 10/8/16

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Call to order at 7:03pm Chartering: YourStory International Senate voted to charter. (Vote by acclamation) Vietnamese Student Åssociation (VSA) Senate voted to charter. (Vote by acclamation) Recognition ONE Brandeis Senate voted to recognize. Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) Senate voted to recognize. Brandeis Super Fan Club Senate voted to recognize. Communications: -Proper format of legislation with the Bylaws Committee Executive Officer Reports -David Herbstritt, Student Union President President Herbstritt spoke regarding the statement released by the Executive Board on behalf of the entire Union. Senators raised concerns about E-Board’s authority to issue a statement from the entire Union. Herbstritt and Senators recommended further discussion and clarification. -Paul Sindberg, Student Union President -Hannah Brown, Executive Senator Senate Committee Chair Reports Unfinished Business New Business -Vote on Senate Representative for CEEF -Vote on the Senate Representative for CEEF was postponed to allow for more nominations -Confirmation of Senator Ari Matz as Health and Safety Committee Chair -S.R. 2016-2: “Senate Resolution in Support & Solidarity with Black Students at Brandeis University” Senators offered several amendments. Senate voted to enact S.R. 2016-2 (as amended). -S.B. 2016-2: “An Act Relative to Amending the Bylaws” S.B. 2016-2 was introduced but not discussed. Senator Reports Open Forum

Executive Senator and Senator to Rosenthal Quad Profiled in Brandeis Hoot

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Senator to Village Quad Charlotte Lang '19 and Executive Senator Hannah Brown '19 were profiled in the September 16 edition of the Brandeis Hoot. For the stories, visit and

Senate Meeting - September 18, 2016

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Called to Order at 7:03pm Senate voted to charter Common Ground. The follow were de-recognized/de-chartered for lack of anti-hazing forms/by request: B-Deis Records Brandeis Field Hockey Club Brandeis Historical Alliance
 Brandeis International Relations Council Brandeis Korean Courses and Language Initiative (BKCLI) Brandeis Labor Coalition Brandeis Libertarians Brandeis Technical Trader's Society Brandeis Turkish Student Association Men's Lacrosse National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) NaturaLiving
 Nourish International- The Brandeis Chapter Spoon University- Brandeis Surfing Club Uechi-ryu Karate Senate voted to approve name change of Brandeis NARAL to Brandeis Pro-Choice. Senate voted to approve changes to the Global Brigades constitution. Director of Communications Max Byer presented to the Senate regarding the use of Slack for internal Union communications. Class of 2019 Senator Kate Kesselman elected as Senate Representative to the Allocations Board The Senate voted to approve the Resolution to Endorse S2471. The Senate voted to approve a Student Union Bylaw Amendment on the Formation of the Senate Health and Safety Committee. Meeting adjourned.

New Student Union Begins The Work

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Even During Finals, the Student Union doesn't quit. They are still doing the work!

2016 Spring State of the Union

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President Macklin Gives Farewell Address, President Herbstritt Sworn in, Exemplary performances from musicians Updates from Branches

Student Union Website gets a Refresh

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Today, the Student Union Website got a much needed refresh, and changed its domain, from to Accompanying some slight visual changes were some new features, including: - Editing capabilities without any knowledge of code, via a custom content management system, via a cloud based backend. In other words, now any member of the student union can edit the website, and a log of all changes made is publicly available. - Petitions! If you have an idea or request, you now have a place to express your opinions and goals for Brandeis. - A simpler place for News, including a simplified format. - Screen-reader accessibility. The site is now compliant to ADA website standards. - Groups: See all of the groups in the Student Union, and who is in what group! Lots has changed, but much has stayed the same. The Union is still here to serve you, and will do whatever it takes to make your experience at Brandeis superb, and your voices at Brandeis heard.