The Student Union Judiciary exists to mediate conflicts involving the Union Constitution and Bylaws in any capacity. Any group with a stake in these documents may request that the Judiciary hear a case. This includes, but is not limited to, conflicts between two clubs, a club and the Union, two Union members, a Union member and the Union, or a student and any of the groups listed. If a conflict should arise, a court will convene wherein the two parties will both be represented in argument. Following both parties' arguments, the Judiciary will come to a majority decision on the matter. This decision will be announced as a written explanation. All decisions are final and binding.

As of Spring 2016, the Judiciary also serves as a Constitutional consultant for the rest of the Union. They do not make binding judgement, but rather clarify and explain what their expectation might be if presented with a problem. They are also able to identify unclear wording and suggest what wording may be used to clarify what a rule's intended goal.

Judiciary is made up of five Justices, one of whom serves as Chief Justice for the academic year. You can see more about their membership here.