Executive Board Members

These are the members of the Executive Board. To see what they are up to, check out their page.

[No Nickname] - Director of Community Involvement - Class of 20XX

[No Biography Provided]

Gabriela Gonzalez Anavisca (Gaby) - Secretary - Class of 2019

Gabriela is a second year at Brandeis . She is a triple major in Anthropology, Psychology, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies. Last year, Gabriela served as the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Senator. She strives to be the voice of the voiceless and wants to offer her help to anyone who needs it.

David Herbstritt - President - Class of 2017

David Herbstritt is a Politics and Philosophy Major and has been a member of the Brandies Undergraduate Student Union since Fall 2014. This year, David hopes to establish a strong positive relationship with the new Brandeis administration and continue the work of previous Unions. In the short term, David plans to shore up the Union's focus on student health, diversity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability. He holds office hours from 3:30 to 5:00 PM on all business days and by appointment.

Emily Conrad - Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees - Class of 2017

Emily is a Senior at Brandeis University majoring in Education Studies and minoring in Economics. She is also in the Masters of Arts in Teaching Program with a concentration in Elementary Education. At Brandeis, Emily has held leadership roles in the Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society, Undergraduate Theater Collective, DeisImpact, and the Brandeis Student Union. She had a wonderful experience as the Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees, and is looking forward to working with students, administrators and the Brandeis Board of Trustees in the 2016- 2017 academic year.

Jacob Edelman - Director of Academic Involvement and Communications - Class of 2018

Jacob is a junior majoring in Politics and minoring in Legal Studies. He has previously served as an editor on The Brandeis Hoot newspaper, and as a contributor to WBRS, 'Deis Nooz, and other campus media. While on the paper, he covered Union senate meetings, wrote, and edited. Following that, he was elected to serve as a Representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Jacob currently serves as the president of the Brandeis Democrats, the founder and current Treasurer of the Brandeis Quiz Bowl Team, and as an office captain in the SCC. As a student, he has a predilection for history, law, public policy, and journalism. He has a passion for helping others, and for making life and academics at Brandeis better for students however he can. He is always at the assistance of anyone who needs a boost, a listener, or a moderately okay dad-joke. In addition to programs which arise throughout the year, Jacob has laid out a number of priority projects, including increasing the number of surveys taken by the Union, continuing the tradition of Take Your Professor Out to Lunch Day, extending the intuitive accessibility of the Union across the entire student body, and making sure that every student has their voice and concerns listened to and recognized. He is always glad to speak via email, Facebook, or in person.

Grady Ward - Web Guru Emeritus - Class of 2016

Grady is a '16, who built the framework and web app for this website in his last month of college. Today he is a software engineer at Google in San Francisco, and his work (and aesthetic statement) can be found at www.gradybward.com.

Hannah Brown - Executive Senator - Class of 2019

Hannah Brown is sophomore majoring in economics and international and global studies. She was born and raised in Longview, Texas, but she doesn't have a Southern accent so it may be hard to tell. This her second year in the Senate, and she is the current Executive Senator, Senator for the Class of 2019, and Chair of the Senate Services and Outreach Committee. Last year, she served as the Senator for North Quad and the Dining Committee Chair. This year, Hannah aims to make Brandeis a more cohesive, supportive, happier, healthier, and safer place through extensive outreach and projects. She is always here as a resource and loves getting to know people, so please do not hesitate to reach out to her. Outside of the Union, she is a Project Manager in TAMID and a Global Fellow. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, reading, writing, and spending time with her friends and family.

joneswil@brandeis.edu - Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees - Class of 20XX

[No Biography Provided]

jtuck24@brandeis.edu - Chief of Staff - Class of 2017

Jackson Tuck is a senior from New York City double majoring in HSSP and Psychology with a minor in East Asian Studies. Along with being the Chief of Staff of the Brandeis Undergraduate Student Union, Jackson is a coordinator for the Waltham Group SPECTRUM, is a member of the Student Conduct Board, and can wrap you a mean burrito at his job at Chipotle. Jackson has a passion for helping others and strives to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to be provided with the same amazing experiences that he has had at Brandeis so far.

psindber@brandeis.edu - Vice President - Class of 2018

Paul Sindberg is excited to be serving as Vice President this year! He intends to work to ensure resources are available for anti-oppressive student efforts, and to keep the Union focused on anti-racist, pro-LGBT, inclusive, intersectional, and accessible work. This is his second year with the Union, after serving as Executive Senator, Services and Outreach Committee Chair, and the Class of 2018 Senator last year. Currently, he's working on implementing the new initiative that requires all campus club leaders to undergo the Bystander Training program, in addition to his procedural responsibilities.

Ziyang Chen - Treasurer - Class of 2018

Ziyang is a junior majoring in International & Global Studies (IGS), and Politics, minoring in Business and Legal Studies. She is also the President of Brandeis Chinese Cultural Connection (BC3), and an Undergraduate Department Representative of IGS. She is interested in social justice and was involved in Deis' Impact and Brandeis in the Hague summer program. She loves Chinese food and would like to share her thoughts on Chinese culture. Her experience in A-Board gave her the chance to learn the financial aspects of the Student Union, work with over 100 clubs, and help clubs with their finances and events. She enjoys talking to students from different clubs, hearing about their actual needs, and working with other Aboard members to allocate the funds fairly to better Brandeis community. She loves helping people and will try her best to maintain the efficiency, fairness and transparency of the Treasury.