Executive Board

The Union Executive Board is the core of the Union. It is comprised of elected members and additional members appointed to carry out specific jobs for the year. The Executive Board serves to represent the student voice within the Brandeis Community and to the greater public. One specific way the Executive Board pursues this mission is by bringing student issues to the attention of the Brandeis Administration. The Executive Board is also responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of the Union at large.

The Executive Board is made up of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and at least one Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. Typically, a second Representative to the Board, Chief of Staff, and Executive Senator are also appointed annually. Finally, additional members of the Brandeis community are appointed by each President to carry out specific jobs. To see who is serving on your Executive Board this year, see below.

Current Initiatives

In addition to representing the student voice in various conversations at Brandeis, the Executive Board also pursues its own policy goals in line with student wants and needs. This year, the Executive Board is committed to focusing on issues of diversity and inclusion, transparency, sexual assault prevention, and mental health awareness on campus on a Union-wide level. We are, however, also working on a host of other issues.

Working with campus sustainability manager Mary Fischer, the Union wants to devise new ways for the student body and the administration to work together to reduce Brandeis’ carbon footprint.

The Union wants to foster a strong relationship with Campus Operations, Facilities Services, and Campus Dining. The Union wants all students to feel they have a high quality of life on campus as it relates to their residence halls, dining options, transportation and other services. The Union also wants to help students feel they can bring up any concerns to the Office of Students’ Rights and Advocacy.

The Union doesn’t want students to ever be bored. This year is the unveiling of the Campus Activities Board, formerly known as Student Events. CAB's  goal is to have fun activities and events planned throughout the year.

The Union is tasking a team of up to 15 students to spend the entire first semester re-examining the Student Union Constitution and Bylaws. This process happens every four years and sets the legislative parameters by which the Union advocates for fellow students and campus groups.

To meet with the Executive Board please check the Office Hours.

E-board Members

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Jacob Edelman | President


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Hannah Brown | Vice President


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Emily Levine | Treasurer


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Lian Chen | Secretary


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Aseem Kumar | Allocations Board Chair


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Wil Jones | Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees


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Christian Nunez | Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees


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Aaron Finkel | Executive Senator


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Eric Danowski | Chief of Staff


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Amber Abernathy | Union Diversity and Inclusion Officer


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Kate Kesselman | Executive Director of Outreach


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Zosia Busé | Director of the Office of Student Rights and Advocacy


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Callahan Cox | Communications Director