Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund

CEEF (Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund) serves two purposes. First, it serves as a source of emergency funding for student life on campus. Secondly, CEEF provides funding for student-led initiatives that enhance the Brandeis community. These initiatives must have a campus-wide benefit and long-term impact on our campus and our community. CEEF has four board members representing different branches of your Student Union.

This year, the application is open for the entire summer period until September 15th, 2018.

The CEEFs members for this academic year are:

Representing the Allocations Board: Kate Kesselman '19, Allocations Board Member. Majors: BUS, THA, FILM

Representing the Union Senate:  Tal Richtman ‘20, Class of 2020 Senator. Majors: ECON, POL

Representing the Executive Board: Eric Danowski ‘18, Chief of Staff. Major: POL

Representing the Union Senate: Matthew Kowalyk ‘18, Class of 2018 Senator. Majors: ECON, BUS Minor: POL, FILM

In Fall 2018, two additional seats will be added to the committee through Fall General Elections of and by the student body.

Requirements for the fund usage:

  1. The enhancement has to have campus wide benefit
  2. The enhancement must be long term effect on the campus and/or the student body
  3. The project should be connected to a staff or faculty member
  4. The submission must include the online application and excel sheet explaining the financial details of your request.
  5. The project proposal must be submitted on time by September 15th, 2018
  6. As part of the process, students might be invited to present their proposals to the CEEF board
  7. A couple weeks after submission, CEEF will contact accepted proposals
  8. Students' wages will not be considered as a CEEF proposal
  9. Projects should be implemented during Spring 2019 semester (during a period of 14 weeks)

Important Dates:

Applications are open from April 18th, 2018.

The due date of application is September 15th, 2018.


CEEF application link (Please fill this out as CEEF application process)

Excel Financial details Sheet (Send by email to CEEFapplications@gmail.com)

CEEF Committee Guidelines and Procedures

Past CEEF projects :

Spring 2017:

1) The Chum's Revitalization Project:

Renovate Chum's, the Castle’s bar, in terms of sound, lights, and ambiance. Whether it be for a coffeehouse, concerts, or even nights where students come in and chill out, this project aspires to make the student body feel Chum's is a reliable and exciting place to walk in. This way, we open another option on-campus for students for night-life and a place to hangout.

2) Operation Hydration:

A Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council project for building modern water fountains in Goldfarb Library. These water fountains will let students fill their water bottles easier, and waste less water and energy.

3) Stand up for the Library:

Following the success of the bicycle desks, the Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council decided to continue their use of “experimental” furniture and offer a number of standing desks. These desks will use less space than conventional tables and chairs, and promote healthier lifestyle choices.

4) Bike Fixit Station:

The DeisBike club’s project to repair one of the existing Dero Fixit public bike pumps and to add another station at the covered bike rack in front of Feldberg building.

5) Expanding Public Art:

Global artist Alexander Golob at Golob Art will develop an exciting piece of permanent site-specific art for the Brandeis community. Golob is currently planning to hold a community event to determine the location and artistic content within the next month.You can look at his art on his website at http://www.alexandergolob.com/ or on Instagram @alexandergolobart .

6) University Textbook Exchange:

The University Textbook Exchange (UTE) will let students borrow and trade-in textbooks with a points system. This will minimize textbook waste, and help students keep a little more money in their pockets.

7) Sound Equipment for the Stein:

The Stein is a popular place on campus for comfortable and intimate dining. Many clubs have expanded on the purpose of The Stein for performances. Karaoke, improv, and acapella have found a home in The Stein. To support the efforts of these groups, and to expand the possibilities of the space, we will provide new sound equipment to The Stein.

8) Lounges Renovation Proposal:

Renovate Massel and North Quad lounges. It will provide much-needed upgrades, such as new furniture, kitchen equipment, and technology. The proposal will benefit the upcoming class of 2021 and future generations of Brandeis students.

Spring 2016

1) Swings on Campus

Swings will be installed in trees around campus beginning with a trial swing and followed by more based on the success of the initial swing. This is meant to increase campus morale since many people enjoy swinging and it adds a joyful nature to campus.