Allocations Board Members

These are the members of the Allocations Board. To see what they are up to, check out their page.

[No Nickname] - - Class of 20XX

[No Biography Provided]

Alex Mitchell - - Class of 2017

Alex is a senior majoring in Neuroscience, Biological Physics, and Biology. He joined the Allocations Board as a freshman and has committed his time in the union to advocating for greater efficiency in the use of student funds, and greater transparency from the board. In addition to his position on the Union, Alex works as a researcher in the Fraden and Birren Labs, and is an active member of the Christian community. He also serves as a UDR for the Neuroscience Program, and is a member of the UDR Council.

Andrews Figueroa - - Class of 2019

Andrews is a sophomore majoring in computer science & linguistics; He is also interested in graphic design and film. On campus, he serves as a community advisor for North Quad, is an advisor for the NQ community council, and is the President of Deis Robotics. As part of the Student Union, Andrews holds a three-semester seat on the Allocations Board. Throughout his time in the Union, Andrews will work to respond in a logical and efficient manner to club concerns and will help ensure that they are funded in a just manner. His office hours are Tuesdays 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM and Fridays 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM. Please feel free to reach out to Andrews through the email provided above.

Abigail Zeamer - - Class of 2019

Abigail is a sophomore who is planning to major in biology. Her office hours are on Monday 1:00-2:00pm and Friday 2:00-4:00pm. She can be reached by email at .

Alex Feldman - A-Board Chairperson - Class of 2019

Alex is a sophomore studying computer science. Send him an email at

Kate Kesselman - - Class of 2019

Kate Kesselman is excited to be your Class of 2019 Senator and Senate Aboard Representative. Aside from being involved in the Student Union, Kate Kesselman is perusing a Business and Theater major and is currently working on the Department show Big Love. She worked on the Student Union last year because she wanted to see how she could make Brandeis a better place for all. This year she looks forward to continuing that mission by speaking to students about their needs and the changes they want to see. She looks forward to seeing people during her office hours and asks students to contact her by email with any thoughts or ideas that she believes will be beneficial to the Brandeis community. You can reach her at: She looks forward to hearing from you soon!

Emma Russell - - Class of 2019

Emma Russell is a sophomore biology major on the Pre-Health track and hopes to minor in either Hispanic or South Asian Studies. On campus, she is involved with various Waltham Group service projects as well as Blood Drive. As part of the Student Union, Emma acts as the Non-Senate Chair of the Services and Outreach Committee and has a three semester seat on the Allocations Board. Through her position on the Services and Outreach Committee, she hopes to help maintain positivity between the Student Union and the Brandeis student body through campus events, like Midnight Buffet, and create an interactive relationship between students and the services the Student Union can provide. As an Allocations Board representative, Emma strives to act logically and justly, taking into account the wide variety of clubs on campus and the need for equal funding consideration for each. She looks to remain open and available to club leaders' funding concerns throughout the remainder of her term. Her office hours are Wednesdays 1:30PM-2:30PM and Thursdays 3:30PM-5:30PM. She can be reached by email at and is open to any questions or concerns!

Ziyang Chen - Treasurer - Class of 2018

Ziyang is a junior majoring in International & Global Studies (IGS), and Politics, minoring in Business and Legal Studies. She is also the President of Brandeis Chinese Cultural Connection (BC3), and an Undergraduate Department Representative of IGS. She is interested in social justice and was involved in Deis' Impact and Brandeis in the Hague summer program. She loves Chinese food and would like to share her thoughts on Chinese culture. Her experience in A-Board gave her the chance to learn the financial aspects of the Student Union, work with over 100 clubs, and help clubs with their finances and events. She enjoys talking to students from different clubs, hearing about their actual needs, and working with other Aboard members to allocate the funds fairly to better Brandeis community. She loves helping people and will try her best to maintain the efficiency, fairness and transparency of the Treasury.