Office of Student Rights and Advocacy

Mission Statement and Purpose

The Office of Student Rights and Advocacy educates students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the Brandeis community, by providing students with information, resources, and consultation to support both academic and personal success. The OSRA affords students the resources necessary to make informed decisions and take a proactive role in the resolution process.

Mission Statement: The OSRA empowers and engages students by providing advocacy in a just, equitable manner, while maintaining commitment to their intellectual, personal, social, and ethical development. The office seeks to create an environment of mutuality, respect, and openness while addressing a diverse range of issues and concerns.

The Office is made up of the Director and Advocates. The number of Advocates is up to the discretion of the Director.

For the current members; see below:

Office Hours are held in the Union Office (SSC 301). Below are the hours for this semester:

Tuesday: Jordan Resh, 11am-2pm

Wednesday: Zosia Busé, 1pm-3pm

Thursday: Zosia Busé, 10am-12pm         Elaina Pevide, 2pm-5pm

Friday: Zosia Busé, 11am-12pm              Jiaao Gong, 1pm-4pm

For appointments, please email Zosia Busé at

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Zosia Busé | Director of the Office of Student Rights and Advocacy

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Elaine Pevide | Student Rights Advocate

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Jiaao Gong | Student Rights Advocate

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Jordan Resh | Student Rights Advocate