Brandeis Experimental Event  Programming Grant

Supporting large, campus-wide club events.

BEEP is no longer accepting applications. Please email Aseem Kumar,, with questions.

Campus-wide events are desperately wanted at Brandeis, but they are not held enough to accommodate the student body’s needs. This is in part because the semesterly marathon allocations process is poorly suited to support large club events. Clubs are required to have a fully planned event before getting any assurance of funding, and A-Board cannot adequately vet large events while also deciding on smaller club needs. It’s also hard for club leaders to hold quality events for the first time without proper support. We hope that Brandeis Experimental Event Programming Grants, or BEEP Grants, will solve some of these problems with club funding and empower club leaders to put on big events.

BEEP Grants will be awarded to campus-wide events in Fall 2017 with proposed budgets between $7,500 and $25,000. After an extensive application and selection process that will involve A-Board and Student Activities, clubs will be allocated funds and will begin to implement their plans. Club leaders will check in regularly with A-Board and Student Activities to present their progress and get advice. At the end of each semester, after BEEP Grant events are held, all grant recipients will present to both A-Board and the student body on their event planning process.

Marathon funding at the end of each semester will still be distributed as normal. BEEP Grants provide an opportunity for a few clubs to receive one-time, additional funding and support. All club funding, whether regular operating expenses or specific events, should be requested in marathon.

There are a number of specifications for events which will considered for BEEP Grants in Spring 2017:

A-Board will judge proposals on two main metrics when making BEEP Grant decisions. First we will consider how valuable an event is. We will prioritize events which are diverse and have definite campus impact, but will review events as a whole. Equally important is how likely a club is to successfully implement their proposed event. To this end, we are interested in seeing club leaders who have held events in the past, present a clear plan for holding their event, and show that many club leaders will be involved in planning.

There is a three part application process for BEEP Grants. First, club leaders must meet with Student Activities with their initial, bare-bones idea proposal. Student Activities will be the first resource for clubs in their idea development, providing general information regarding what is required to put on an event. They have expertise with details like hiring contractors, finding space, and scheduling a date, and can ultimately judge the feasibility of an initial proposal. Clubs must meet with Student Activities a minimum of one time before receiving their approval and submitting a proposal to A-Board, but multiple development meetings are encouraged. You can sign up for a meeting here or contact Robbie Steinberg ( if no slots are available.

After receiving approval from Student Activities, club leaders will submit a written proposal to A-Board through our online form. Finally, A-Board will select a few proposals to submit full applications. These applications will include detailed information including timelines and budgets. We will meet with club leaders about their events and make final decisions.

Proposals for events with Student Activities approval are due by February 11. Selected proposals must submit full applications by March 4.

After selection, BEEP Grant recipients will meet regularly with Student Activities and A-Board to check in. Any changes that need to be made should be presented at those meetings as well as a review of current progress and any challenges that arise.

More details and a full Funding Scope will follow early in Spring 2017. As always, please email us at We’re excited to see what you will bring to campus.