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We serve you from orientation to graduation and beyond. How?


We are your link to change. No matter your concern or idea, we have connections within the alumni, administration, faculty, and trustees to address your concerns and ideas. The Executive Board has strong relationships with all of the Brandeis constituencies, and makes sure that the student voice is heard.


The Student Union fills our campus with life through the financial support of our vibrant clubs and associations. The Allocations Board makes all funding decisions for our student run organizations, trying to maximize the total impact of each organization on campus life.


We take pride in our community, and in its stewardship. The Student Union works to promote a safe, respectful, and intentional environment for the student body, creates and reviews student focused laws and initiatives, and builds community within and around our campus.

How Can We Help?

Office Hours

Come by the SCC on the third floor to talk to us about your idea/goal/complaint/vision. Every Union Member spends some time every week in the office, on this page you can find the full list of office hours.

A-Board + Treasury Policies

Make sure you are in the know, and have all the information  you need to request and get funding for your club.

Romper Room

The Romper Room is a resources for clubs maintained by the Student Union. Club leaders are invited to use the computers, printing, and office supplies for club-related endeavors. The Romper Room is located next to the Student Union Office on the third floor of the Shapiro Campus Center. Request Romper Room access by emailing Student Union Secretary Qingtian Mei (

Starting a Club

The Student Union creates, recognizes and charters clubs.  If you have a great idea and some people to join you, you can start a club.  To learn about the Club Support Committee, and how they can help you, email Club Support Committee Chair Noah Nguyen (

Union Responsibilities

Senate Committees

On this page you can view all groups in the student union, including all Senate committees, all ad-hoc and inter-branch working groups, and the branches themselves.


The student Union Constitution and Bylaws are constantly being updated. You can find the most current versions on this page.

Office of Student Rights and Advocacy

The OSRA serves as a liaison between students and administration to eliminate barriers to student success and offer consultation and advocacy services in order to take care of student concerns in the most efficient way. Essentially, the OSRA is an effective resource for students to go to when they have an issue on campus that they do not know how to resolve on their own.

Get Involved


Join us! The next round of elections is just around the corner. Click here for more information!

Change Campus for the Better!

Apply for a Campus Emergency and Enhancement Fund (CEEF) with an idea about how Brandeis can be improved.

What's Going on in the Union?

Stay informed about what your Union is doing to serve the Community. Check out our Facebook page, Instagram and also listen to our new Union Podcast: Brandeis Buzz.