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Constitutional Review Task Force Proposal Sent To Students For A Vote

Constitutional Review Task Force Proposal Sent To Students For A Vote! 21 Senators signed onto the Constitutional Review Task Force’s proposal, which subsequently went out to students on Tuesday, April 8th. The major changes that we made include:

  1. The establishment of a $250,000 Community Enhancement Fund through which students can submit projects to improve campus facilities; EX) new lights for Gosman field or smoking gazebos in residential quads.
  2. The renaming of the Finance Board to the Allocations Board to reduce the level of student confusion about the Finance Board’s function.
  3. The Allocations Board publishing allocations to the Senate and the student body following marathon periods.
  4. The addition of a Senate representative onto the Allocations Board in place of the appointed member of A-Board.
  5. Adding regular Intra-Union meetings coordinated by the President to increase collaboration between Union branches.
  6. Reducing more than 50 percent of excess language in the Constitution.

School Spirit Was On Full Display During Historic DEIS DAY Celebration

This year, the Student Union hosted the 2nd annual DEIS DAY, which we expanded remarkably from the inaugural event last year. DEIS DAY was a day-long showcase of all of the sensational things that we do here on campus, and the incredible clubs, teams and organizations that we have here at Brandeis. This year’s festivities included a school spirit parade through campus, where clubs designed their very own golf cart floats, a community barbecue, a Battle of the Band student music competition, and a featured comedian: Jay Pharoah, who is most widely known as Obama on Saturday Night Live. The event, which coincided with Admitted Students Day this year, brought in hundreds upon hundreds of members of the Brandeis community, ranging from current students to prospective students to Alumni, and was a resounding success.

Student Union-Sanctioned Committee on Parking Ready to Present Findings

One of the most pressing priorities of this year’s Student Union has been searching for a remedy for the various issues surrounding parking on the Brandeis campus. In collaboration with the Graduate Student Association, we sent out a survey to the undergraduate and graduate student bodies in the fall.  The survey, which revolved around parking conditions on campus received 1500+ responses, demonstrating that this is an issue of enormous proportions for Brandeis students. Following the survey, we in the Student Union assembled statistics from the Parking Office of the Department of Public Safety, and conducted research on parking conditions and policies at comparable universities.  We then sanctioned a task force of International Business School students, led by Jieming Chu, to conduct further research and cost analyses on potential short-term and long-term solutions to the parking issues on campus. After working on this project for the entire year, we have created a comprehensive proposal for the administration which we will present towards the end of the month.

The University Will be Establishing A Gender and Sexuality Coordinator Position

The Student Union advocated for the creation of the Gender and Sexuality Coordinator position through a resolution which was put forward by Representative to the Board of Trustees Alex Thomson in the fall. In response to this resolution, Brandeis recently announced that they will be establishing the Gender and Sexuality Coordinator position, as well as a Gender and Sexuality Center.

Budget Transparency Has Been At the Top of Our Agendas

The Union has been working hard for more transparency in our university’s budget all year long. We worked with the school administration to issue a release of the executive compensation reports for senior administrative pay, which was publicly announced at the March 13th Faculty Senate Meeting. We are continuing to advocate for more transparency in tuition dollar allocation through our Representatives to the Board of Trustees.